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“Al was an excellent presenter. This training was engaging and informative and will no doubt make all of us stronger educators.”
-Deborh Swyers
Elsa England Elementary School

Al Summers

Educational Consultant


     Al is currently a consultant working throughout the United States. He spent three years working with Region 8 Education Service Center in Decatur, IN, where his focus was on providing workshops and coaching teachers in their classrooms. He is a member of the National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education and has done Project Based Learning training for them since 2012. Al has also served as a trainer for the new Indiana College and Career Readiness Math Standards, published in 2013. 

      In addition to 28 years as a middle school science teacher, Al most recently provided ongoing PBL coaching for 230 teachers in 25 schools in northeast Indiana. That work was supported by a grant from Talent Initiative of Ft. Wayne. Previously he spent seven years as Director of Professional Development for the National Middle School Association where one of his responsibilities was to organize and run the association's annual conference, which attracted as many as 11,000 middle school educators. Al has conducted dozens of workshops across the country and has been a speaker at numerous conferences.

    Al also spent three years on the staff of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, where he rose to the position of Vice President of Outreach and Professional Development. His team was responsible not only for the organization's professional development but also for work with governors, state legislatures and school districts. Al was previously with the National Middle School Association (now Association for Middle Level Education) where he spent three and a half years as Director of Professional Development and four years as Director of Conferences and Events. His team was in charge of the organization’s annual conference and other workshops, including their Middle Level Leadership Institute where Al led Open Space Technology sessions.

  Prior to the seven and a half years with NMSA, Al spent two and a half years on the staff of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. He joined NBPTS in June 2000 as a Teacher in Residence where he led the organization’s Facilitator’s Institutes, which trained administrators, university professors, and other education leaders to support candidates for National Board Certification. In February of 2001, Al was elevated to the position of Vice President of Outreach and Professional Development. His team was in charge of outreach to state governments and school districts to support National Board Certification at the state and local levels, as well as the professional development produced by the organization.

   Prior to 2000, Al was a middle school teacher for 28 years in St. Henry, OH. During his time there, Al received the Governor’s Award for Youth Science Opportunities seven times, the Governor’s Educational Leadership Award two times, and the Ashland Oil Company’s Golden Apple Award. He was also honored three times by the Ohio House of Representatives and once by the Ohio Senate. Al has been recognized for his educational leadership twice by the Governor of Ohio, three times by the Ohio House of Representatives and one time by the Ohio Senate. In 1998, he was one of four finalists for Ohio Teacher of the Year and also became one of only three teachers nationwide to earn two National Board Certifications.

Meet The Team

Kristy Geiger, Consultant


Kristy is currently working as a Curriculum Specialist at Northmont City Schools north of Dayton, Ohio. In her 11 years teaching fifth grade, she obtained her Master’s Degree, earned the status of National Board Certified Teacher, and was voted Educator of the Year by her colleagues. 

She then moved to a Curriculum Specialist role and has served grades fourth through eighth grade for the last seven years. During that time, Kristy earned the status of Master Teacher. Kristy has been the co-facilitator of Northmont’s Resident Educator Program where she has mentored teachers through their first four years of teaching. 

She is also a certified Project Based Learning Trainer and played an integral role in obtaining a $390,000 grant to bring PBL training to the entire district. Kristy also started data teams in the district and helped teachers create curriculum maps and common assessments. Kristy’s specialties are Project Based Learning, Teacher mentoring, and Using data to improve instruction. 

Khristian Atchison, Consultant


Khristian Atchison taught high school mathematics for seven years, then had the tremendous opportunity to work with the Indiana Department of Education. As the IDOE Secondary Mathematics Specialist, Khristian traveled all over Indiana training educators in grades 6-12 Indiana Academic Standards, Best Practices, Cognitive Complexity, Mathematical Literacy, and more. 

Khristian also spent her time researching mathematics education and providing resources to educators on a variety of educational needs. Since her time with the IDOE, Khristian has returned to the secondary mathematics classroom and has experience teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, varying levels of Algebra II, varying levels of Geometry, and Math 10, though she is licensed for grades 5-12. Khristian was trained in Project-Based Learning in 2011 and has been implementing the engaging and effective projects for seven years in her mathematics classes.

In addition, Khristian utilizes Google Drive and Google Classroom, Student MacBook Airs, a SmartBoard and an AirLiner in her classroom to promote 21st Century Skills. Since her PBL training, Khristian has presented on her successes at multiple conferences and continues to share her methods, lessons, and resources with teachers all over the United States. 

 “I loved how Al was so engaging and kept our interest the entire time. He was very involved in what we were doing and always positive!”
-Margot Livaudais
Elsa England Elementary School