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 “Al Summers is an amazing human being and a fantastic presenter. He is very knowledgable, caring, kind, and positive.”
-Paula Keen
Temple Heights Elementary School 

Al Knows Basketball Too

        Al coached high school basketball in Ohio for 31 years. An advocate of skill development and defense, he spent much time working with players on fundamentals. "Teach them to play, don't teach them plays" was a motto he built his coaching on.


       In his final year with boys, he took a team with no player over 6'2" and ended up playing for the state championship. He was named co-coach of the year by the Associated Press. His team featured a defense he had spent 12 years perfecting, the Pressure Switching Man to Man.

     After several years of retirement from coaching, he was asked to help bring a HS girls' program back to life. In the third year of using this defense, the team went to the state final four—with no girl over 5'9"!!

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Implementing the Pressure, Switching Man to Man Defense


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The DVD takes you step by step through the various aspects of teaching the defense:

  • Important coaching points
  • Demonstrations by high school players
  • Practice footage, showing proper techniques
  • Game video footage, showing the defense in action.

 “Al did a fantastic job and it felt like he was part of our staff!!!!!”
-Mallory Sandridge
J. E. Robins Elementary School